Baby Shower Thank You Cards – What You Need To Know

For many moms-to-be, the baby shower comes fairly close to the birth of their baby. After celebrating the forthcoming arrival, sending out a baby shower thank you card to each of your guests is a lovely way to share the latest news or details of your baby’s arrival. It is also an opportunity to add an elegant finish to the day and show your thanks to your family and friends who gave gifts and shared this special time with you. A card that reflects the day is a courteous and stylish way to individually recognise those people who have been supporting you during your pregnancy and who selected gifts for you and your newborn.


Thank You Cards For Baby Shower


Thank You Cards For Baby Shower


Thank You Cards For Baby Shower


Thank You Cards For Baby Shower


Thank You Cards For Baby Shower

What to consider when picking a thank you card

Many new moms look for a card that is in keeping with the actual baby shower, selecting a card that coordinates with the theme, decor and style of the shower.

Decor – The color of the decorations, the table settings and favours can all be reflected in the choice of thank you card. This is a lovely way to connect the thank you note to the baby shower.

Theme – If your baby shower had a particular theme, then having an aspect of that theme on the card is another way to connect the card back to the day. Was there a particular motif that was part of the celebration? If you have used an illustration on the initial invitations, then this may be fitting to use when preparing the thank you cards as well.

Style – If your baby shower was casual and playful then pick a thank you card that is in keeping with this. On the other hand, if you celebrated with quite a formal party, then it may suit your personal taste to have a more formal, elegant thank you card.


What to put on the card

Depending how close the shower was held to the arrival of your baby, a nice way to round things off it is include an announcement about your little ones arrival or a photo of your newborn in the card. These are the kind of mementos that your friends and family will treasure and they add that special something to your thank you note. A hand written thank you will mean a lot to those who have attended and shared in the joy of this special time, so give some thought to your thank you notes and write just one or two lines that show your genuine appreciation.

A baby shower thank you card is something that lets your guests know how much you appreciate the thought that went into choosing gifts for you and your baby. By selecting a something in keeping with the baby shower, you’ll have a fitting card to send out and an opportunity to share your joy about your new arrival.

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