Baby Shower Decorating Ideas for Your Newborn

Baby shower is a celebration of a new being. It is a party where friends, family, and relatives send their congratulatory messages and wonderful presents to the baby and the parents. If you are planning for a shower party for your own child or for a friend, you have found the perfect reading material to help you. In planning for a baby party, there are lots of things to put into consideration. You have to choose the date and venue of the party, prepare the guest list, theme and decorations, food, invitation, and souvenirs. You surely don’t want to miss any detail for that special event. Below are baby shower decorating ideas you can choose from and some tips for choosing the decorations.


Decorating Ideas For Baby Shower


Decorating Ideas For Baby Shower


Decorating Ideas For Baby Shower


Decorating Ideas For Baby Shower
Before choosing an idea among the baby shower ideas here or from the Internet, you should first determine the theme of the party. The theme will have the biggest influence on how the decorations will look like. Say for example the theme of the baby shower is the cartoon, Thomas and Friends. The venue can look like a train station and the guests will be like passengers. The party can also have a train rail around and the back drop can have the face of Thomas.

Next consideration in choosing one among the many baby shower ideas is the size of the venue. If the venue is quite huge, you will need ample time to decorate it. If the ceiling is high, you might need long clothes that have the same color or design with the theme. See if the venue has high places where you can hang some decorations. Last consideration is the budget for the baby’s coming out party. If you want to at least cut down on your expenses with the decoration, choose simple decorations instead. Small pieces of photos or baby items around the venue will be fine. Just make sure that the decorations will not appear to be scarce.

The first one in our baby shower decorating ideas is the use of balloons.

Balloons are timeless decorations for babies and children. You can use pink balloon for a girl and blue for a boy. If the baby’s gender is not yet determined, you can use yellow because yellow symbolizes new life. You can use helium balloons in ceilings or ordinary balloons as border to the stage. Cutouts are also great decorations. It can be made of Styrofoam or thick cardboard. You can put shapes of bottles, cribs, strollers, and pacifiers around the venue.

One more thought in our baby shower decorating ideas is the use of small pine trees. No, it will not be called as Christmas tree but a ‘baby’ Christmas tree. Guests can put their gifts under the tree and when the gift will be opened already, the giver will have to retrieve it then proceed to the ceremony of gift opening in front. Another idea is the use of pacifier shaped or bottle shaped containers as bowls for deserts or condiments. Play around with your imagination when planning for the party, after all, a baby celebration should be fun and creative.

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