Baby Shower Theme Choices

Coordinating the Baby Shower Theme Throughout Your Party Planning

Before planning a baby party and sending custom invitations, you’ll want to talk with the expectant parents and determine their expectations of the party as well as their input the baby shower theme. After the theme has been selected, then you’ll want to ensure that choice is reflected in all elements of the party, especially the baby shower invitation stationery cards. Then, you’ll want to select a time that is best for them and help with your guest lists.

It’s always best to ask if there are specific baby items that they need or would prefer, and if they have set up a registry at any stores. Many hostesses will include these details in their invitations, which, by the way, should be mailed four to six weeks before the event date. This advance mailing enables your invited guests more time to plan their schedules and increases attendance.


baby shower themes


baby shower themes


Coordinating Your Baby Shower Theme Throughout the Party

The hostess will also need to focus on theme planning for the baby party, and once it is set and the invites ordered, you’ll want to start planning for the appropriate party favors, food, games, and other elements of the celebration. Themes should always set the tone of the celebration and could impact where you hold the event as well as menu and decorations.

Baby shower themes can be as simple as blue or pink, if you know the gender of the child, or a much more elaborate theme could be chosen. It’s important to consider the expectant mothers style and preferences and what theme she would like. You’ll also want to be mindful of who you are inviting when selecting from among the many themes. And, you can help ensure your invites and thank your encompass the theme you have selected by taking advantage of the features offered by many sites which enable you personalize your card and then preview it in real time.


Coordinating Your Baby Shower Invitation with Themes

As you are planning for your baby party you’ll want to remember that it will be the central point and tone of the entire celebration. The choice made will even have a baring on who you invite, where to host the celebration, the menu, decorations, and, perhaps most of all, your personalized invitations and thank you cards. However, as important as it is, you don’t want to make the theme too complicated.

One good idea used by many is going with the decoration of the baby’s room, if it has already been set up. This is always a dead give-away as to the mom-to-be’s preference since she has already set up the room with her own taste, style, and thoughts. You should always be considerate of what the mommy-to-be’s style is and her preferences.

So, as you begin your planning, you’ll quickly discover that after the all important baby shower theme is chosen, you’re well on your way to a fun and successful baby shower party celebration.

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