How to Create Homemade Baby Shower Corsages

Wearing baby shower corsages are a really cute way to celebrate and honor the upcoming arrival of a new baby. Although, you can easily buy baby shower corsages, there is a lot of benefits to creating them yourself.

The first benefit of creating your own homemade┬ábaby shower corsages is the fact that you don’t have to buy any. Making your corsages will make it a whole lot easier on your budget, especially if you want a corsage for every guest.


homemade baby shower corsages


homemade baby shower corsages


homemade baby shower corsages


Another great benefit of creating your own baby shower corsages is that you can include the colors of the baby shower theme, or even personalize the corsages. This is great for adding a special detail or touch that your guests will love and appreciate.

Creating your own baby shower corsages is also something really fun. You will enjoy being able to give your guests something that is gorgeous and that you’ve made with your own two hands. Here are a couple of really cute ideas for baby shower corsages.

Lily baby shower corsage:

You will need:

– 1 large white lily for each corsage. (Try the local florist.)

– A package of florist’s wire. (Also try the florist shop.)

– 2 small cuttings of baby ivy vines. (Try the local florist.)

– A length of pretty ribbon for a bow. (You can get this from a craft store.)

– A pin to hold the corsage on.

Cut the stem on the lily to about 2 to 3 inches long. Use the florist’s wire to bundle the ivy with the lily in a pretty way. Try an ivy vine on each side of the lily. Then tie on a pretty bow with the ribbon. You will use the pin to place it on a guest’s blouse. This is a really pretty baby shower corsage. Remember to store it in the fridge until time to use it.

Funny baby shower corsage:

You will need:

– A tiny packet of baby wipes.

– A clothespin.

– Ribbon for little bows.

– A pin to fasten the baby shower corsage on.

This is a funny idea you can use as a joke for the Mom-to be. You will be making a ‘changing time’ helper. Open the baby wipes and pull a few through the little opening. You can rearrange them a bit to make them look like a flower.

Fasten the clothespin on the package of wipes so Mom-to be can access it instantly if she needs to clothespin her nose! You can add little bows made out of the ribbons. Pin this on the new mother’s shirt for a great laugh.

Making your own baby shower corsages is a fun and easy way to make sure they look exactly like you want them to. Visiting a craft store is a great way to get some wonderful ideas.

Your guests will enjoy them, and if they’re not fresh flower corsages, they will make a great memento that your guests can keep forever.

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