Throwing a Baby Shower – Baby Boy Themes

If you or someone you love is expecting a baby boy why not throw a baby shower with a boy-centric theme? Not only is this a great way to personalize the event but boy shower themes can also get guys to show up as guests. Here are a few baby boy shower themes that celebrate the little blue bundle coming into your life:


Boy Baby Shower Decorations


Boy Baby Shower Decorations


Boy Baby Shower Decorations


Backyard Barbecue

Nothing gets guys interested in a party like food that gets set on fire. If the weather permits, why not throw a barbecue as a baby boy shower? Let the dad-to-be man the grill while the new mom opens the gifts. This baby shower theme is a great way to attract couples to your baby shower and it can also double as a potluck. Have guests bring dishes along with their gifts to give the expecting couple a break from cooking after the baby shower has ended.


Sports Day

One way to celebrate the birth of a boy is to show him his first taste of sports. While it may not be a good idea to travel to a sporting event in person there’s no reason you can’t enjoy it on your big-screen TV. Try to schedule your baby shower around the big game to make it an all-day event. Ask guests to arrive in jerseys, or make party favors featuring sport equipment like footballs and bats. This too offers a way for couples to share in your baby boy shower, with sports on in one room and gifts in another.


Something Blue

If all else fails try building on classic blue as a modern baby shower theme for boy. Make it an aquatic theme for a summertime shower with fish or other sea creatures decorating the party. Blue can also be used for an aeronautic theme with common boy designs like airplanes and rockets on invitations or decorations. While a classic blue baby boy shower doesn’t have quite the same draw for male guests this can still be a unique baby shower theme thanks to the versatility of the color blue. Many common party themes work with the color blue giving you plenty of different decorations to choose from.

These are just a few of the many ways you can celebrate the birth of a new baby boy. Shower ideas that incorporate guys will be a big hit with a couple’s crowd, but cutesy themes like teddy bears can be a great fit for ladies-only baby showers.

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