Creative Baby Shower Favors

Are you looking for easy and affordable creative baby shower favors? You come to the right place.

Creative Baby Shower Favor


Creative Baby Shower Favor


Creative Baby Shower Favor


Creative Baby Shower Favor


Creative Baby Shower Favor
Baby shower party favors can be edible, useful or sentimental, just be creative as much as you can.

Remember this: your baby shower favors are an expression of your thanks to your guests for their participation in the special day.

So the most important of the party favor is the personalized sentiment not the cost.


Earth-friendly Homemade Baby Shower Favors

Here are some “green” and environmental party favors – as we all, include the new baby, have eternal bond with nature.


Tree Seedlings – Homemade Baby Shower Favors to Plant in Baby’s Honor

Who can resist the wonderful trend that use tree seedlings as baby shower favors. You know, planting a tree is a unique experience to share when a child is born to ensure long life, prosperity(from the ancient tradition).

Let me tell you how to make your own tree seedlings for rock-bottom prices.

Buy some peat pellets in bulk online and insert tree seeds. Be sure you get appropriate planting instructions for your choice of tree (some must be planted in spring, some in fall). Package the tree seeds and place them in small clay pots, wrapped with cellophane or tulle (this can bring your costs down to nearly nothing!).


Living Plant – Eco-conscious, Oriental-style Baby Shower Favors

How about buying a few living stalks of lucky bamboo before the baby shower, they will propagate a bunch more after the party started!

Or just get a flat of garden flowers from your local garden store. Pick something that’s blooming nicely and cut the pots apart. Wrap it up with a ribbon and thank you note – Affordable and very cute!

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