Edible Items As Unique Baby Shower Favors

You’ve been planning a friend’s baby shower for a few weeks now and you are still stuck on what to give guests to commemorate the day. You want something that doesn’t get used as giveaways at parties that much. You want a unique baby shower favor because you want the event to be just perfect – for both your friend and the guests.


edible baby shower favor ideas


edible baby shower favor ideas


edible baby shower favor ideas


If you’re stuck, then maybe you would like to read some very interesting ideas on what to give the guests on that very special day. Why not try some edible baby shower favor ideas? It’s not that uncommon to give invitees of an event something edible to take home. Although, it is not that common either to give edible gifts even for baby showers. Cookies are highly recommended because they can keep for days so it can be made in advanced. They’re also easy to pack because they keep their shape. Plus, it can come in a variety of flavors so you can be sure most of your guest, if not all, can appreciate it.

In addition, giving cookies as shower favors is unique because it can be customized. Make it in any shape that fits your party’s theme. For baby showers, cookies can be made in the shape of bottles, carriages, booties, or a stork. To make it an even more distinct, decorate the baby shower cookie with names that the couple is thinking of naming the baby.

Another edible and unique baby shower favor you can give guests is cupcakes. A sweet treat that is sure to leave a lasting impression on the guests. And like the baby shower cookie favor, cupcakes can be customized with the theme of your party. You can even stick a topper in the cupcake with the name of the guest as a very personal way of thanking them for coming to the event. Or it can be made as a placeholder on a table.

Chocolates are also popular giveaways during events and celebrations. Making it into a one-of-a-kind shower favor is even easier than the cupcakes and cookies. There are many chocolate molds available online and in craft stores which you can use to shape melted chocolates in. You can add color to fit any theme and gender. You can also add rice crispies, candy sprinkles, nuts, and dried fruits to make it an even more special thank you gift.

These sweet treats can be ordered from specialty stores around your neighborhood. Or you can make these unique shower favors on your own. If you don’t have that much time, you can ask another good friend to make them. This is also a very good way of saving some money and time.

If you search on the Internet, chances are you’ll find a dozen more suggestions on what to give on baby showers. Cookies are common edible items that online stores offer just because they can keep and transport well. So, I highly recommend cookies for that reason.

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