Finding Baby Shower Games That Work

Trying to come up with good baby shower games for a party you’re hosting? While there are many different kinds out there, you may have trouble finding games just right for the job. This is largely due to the unpredictability that goes with entertaining guests. Not all shower guests are receptive to the same kinds of games. What may be a smashing success at one baby shower may be greeted with a lukewarm response at another.


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As is the case with games for other specific kinds of parties, you options for coming up with good games may be limited by the circumstances surrounding the shower you are planning. Your venue may not allow ample space for more action-oriented games, or it may be so big that it makes it difficult for you to keep track of the proceedings. You may have deviated from your carefully-planned party itinerary, and you only have a little time left for games. Or maybe you had a modest party budget with only a small amount left over for game supplies.

By far, one of the biggest factors that play into the success or failure of many baby shower games is the audience you are working with.

The fact is that some guests may take to party games better than others, for a variety of reasons. Even the best-laid party plans may be rendered useless if you have an uncooperative or passive crowd. Knowing your audience can save you a lot of grief not only with the games, but also with other areas in the baby shower planning process like the food and the party theme.

To find games that will work for your shower, it helps to get a rough idea of the kinds of guests expected to attend. For this you may opt to go over the guest list with the baby shower’s guest of honor, or one of her close loved ones. Learn ahead of time if the baby shower is going to be attended by the expected mother’s parents, cousins, childhood friends, college roommates or colleagues from work.

It is also important for you to take note of whether the baby shower guests all know each other or not. If they don’t, you can make things less awkward by holding back on games that require heavy audience participation. Instead, you can opt for accessible icebreakers or conversation starters. These can help guests feel less intimidated when in a room full of strangers.

Most baby shower games fall into several major categories. These include games that are action-oriented and those that require more guesswork. Action-heavy games work best for relatively young crowds, and may also be a good fit for co-ed baby showers. Less strenuous games like quizzes, trivia contests, memory games and guessing games are more ideal for older guests, in addition to the expectant mom herself.

It is important for you to keep your baby shower under control. To play it safe, you may opt to stick to having just two to three main games listed in the itinerary. This will help lessen the unease of guests who are not comfortable with the thought of party games. If you are dealing with a more energetic party crowd, however, you can have a few backup games waiting in the pipeline. To keep things simple for you planning-wise, your backup party games should be relatively cheap and simple to set up for your guests at the last minute.

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