Baby Gift Baskets: What NOT to Put in a Baby Gift Basket

Putting a baby gift baskets together for the newborn baby of a family member or friend can be a lot of fun! Gift baskets tend to hold a mix of things, with one or two expensive items, some personalized gifts, a few fun things for the parents and the rest of the basket is filled with affordable toys and accessories for the baby.

However, if you’re someone who has no clue about babies and what they’re all about, it’s probably a good idea to simply pick up a ready-made gift basket from the nearest baby-products store. These places stock a range of gifts and gift-baskets that cover all budgets, from luxury to affordable and if you choose a basket that’s manufactured by a reputable baby-products company, you can be sure that your gift will be greatly appreciated.

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baby gift baskets


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baby gift baskets


But if you’re thinking of making up a basket yourself, and you want something different from the usual baby-clothes/toys/blankets/pillows combination, do spend some time/effort browsing through the inventory of your local baby store before you make your choice.

While you’re about it, do keep in mind that there are some absolute no-no’s as far as baby gifts baskets are concerned!


Used Goods: Never cruise through the aisles of a second-hand or thrift shop for gifts for a newborn baby. Apart from looking faded, tacky and old, there are serious hygiene issues involved in gifting something that’s been used, discarded and stored in unhygienic conditions. Stuff from cheap dollar-stores is a bad idea though you may think you’re getting great value for the price. These items are seldom of good quality or suitable for babies.

Curios/Knick-knacks: may seem cutesy and decorative on the baby-store shelf, but those pretty ceramic candle-holders, solid silver rattles or plates, crystal and glass wind-chimes or crib-mobiles, fleecy stuffed toys or other expensive, impractical gifts end up gathering dust and impossible for busy new mothers to dust and clean.

Home-made: is not always the best. Home-made blankets, crochet apparel and shawls, knitting, baby-clothes that you’ve sewn yourself etc, may have loose threads/buttons which can be hazardous. Crochet items are potentially dangerous when babies get their fingers and toes caught in the holes.

Size-wise: Don’t go strictly by the baby’s present age. They develop very rapidly and if you’re buying expensive clothes, you can buy one or two sizes larger so that the parents can have a few things left over for when baby grows. However, if it’s toys you’re buying make sure that they’re right for baby’s present age.

Checks and cash: Unless it’s customary in your family or among your friends to give cash/checks, it’s not a good idea to put money in your gift basket. It either ends up as looking too little/too much or could give the impression that you simply don’t care enough to take the time to choose a gift.

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