Advice on Free Baby Shower Invitations

Not every baby shower organiser wants to spend money on invitation cards; at least, not on expensive ready made cards. As with most things, most people are happy if they can get something free, and as an invitation card is just an announcement, then there is no need for it to be anything special or memorable.

There is no doubt that most people also like to make their invitations at least look attractive, not just a scribbled note on some old paper. However, even free baby shower invitations can be made to look attractive.


Free Baby Shower Invitations


Free Baby Shower Invitations


Free Baby Shower Invitations


Options For Free Baby Shower Invitations

1. Making your own baby shower invitations, and other types of cards, has become so much easier in recent years. With the rapid advance in printer quality, even the most basic new computer printer can produce high quality color print.

Of course, cards made at home on the computer will not be entirely free, unless you send them by email. To print them out is far more sociable, and email can get stopped in spam filters so you can never be sure the invitations will arrive. Color cartridges have a cost, and so do the cards which you will use for printing the invitations. However, the net cost for each card will be close to free.

To make your own invitations for your baby shower, you will need some computer skills, setting out the graphics you choose. If you are an expert with computer graphics, then the task should be easy. However, anyone with a personal computer may soon come up with an interesting card design with a bit of practice. Once you have done your first design, you may be so pleased with it you will always create your own cards, of all types, in the future.


2. If designing your own cards does not appeal, then finding a suitable ready made design online should not be a problem, unless you have very specific requirements for your invitation, in which case you may require a bit of luck.

Some websites worth looking at for free baby shower invitations for printing on your home computer are:

About: Entertaining

Happy Greetings and

Mom’s Break


3. One other simple idea, if you are hand delivering the invitations to the shower and you have summer flowers in the garden, is to have a simple plain card invitation, but with a fresh cut flower attached to it, just to add to the distinction.

When choosing or designing your invitation card, be sure to include all the basic information needed to convey the message:

Name/s, date, time, place, gift register if any, and RSVP. If it is a surprise shower, it is a good idea to say so, in order that it will remain a surprise for the mom-to-be.

When your invitations are ready, then carefully choose the date for sending them out, or delivering. Send out too early and people may forget, too late and they may be already booked or not have time to get a baby shower gift sorted out. If it is a surprise shower, then you need to be sure that mom-to-be is not on vacation or otherwise engaged at the chosen time. 3 or 4 to 6 weeks are often thought of as the best time to send out baby shower invitations, but you do need to judge for yourself based on your knowledge of the invited guests. Around 4 weeks does seem a sensible date to choose for distribution of invitations.

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