Couple Baby Shower Party

The other half of the expectant couple is frequently forgotten in the hoopla of baby showers. A couple baby shower party is becoming more popular and couple baby shower invitations clue the guests in that men are most definitely welcome.


Couple Baby Shower Party


Couple Baby Shower Party


Couple Baby Shower Party


Unconventional Couples Baby showers

The unconventional couple baby shower party celebrates the couple, not just the mom-to-be, and include the other men in the baby’s life, like grandfathers, great-grandfathers, uncles, nephews, cousins and godfathers. The people attending the event can be friends of the parents, family members or even co-workers. The venue can be anywhere from the home of a friend to the couple’s special restaurant. Online baby couples shower invites make it easier than ever to involve men in the celebration.

The coed shower can even bring the family together. Including the men of the family in the special event can bridge the miles if the family is spread out across the country. Conducting a party like this after the baby is born will introduce the new addition to his or her rarely seen relatives. Important men in the baby’s life will be ecstatic to attend the event. Grandfathers, uncles and nephews are just as excited as the women to greet the little one.

Couple Baby Party

The baby coed shower invitation for the party held after the baby is born can include those adorable first photos that grandparents and friends are eager to see. Friends often want to celebrate the exciting time with the expectant parents. The couple’s closest chums can put together a bash that will commemorate the special time without excluding anyone. Baby shower invitations ring in the happy occasion without relying on the typical ladies-only themes. The baby coed shower invites needn’t be blue and pink. The guys in the group will appreciate gender-neutral motifs.

Traditional Couple Baby Shower Party

The traditional pink and blue invitations are fine for a ladies gathering, but the shower couple party can convey the crux of the event without being overtly feminine. If the mother-to-be knows the shower is being held, she can even provide a pregnancy photo for use in the invitations. Invitations for these events can be as generic or as personalized as the host likes.

So many more options are available for couples today than 20 or more years ago. This type shower invitations were almost unheard of a decade ago. As fathers take on a more active role in their children’s lives, couples showers are becoming the norm. The couple shower will ensure that they both have memories that last a lifetime. The baby invitations are wonderful souvenirs for the baby book. The host should set aside at least one invitation to give to the couple so they can remember their innovative and original party.

The coed fete demonstrates the modern lifestyle and the importance of the father’s role in the child’s life. From cookouts to family reunions, invitations couple shower let everyone in on the fun of the baby celebration.

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