DIY Baby Shower Invitations

Homemade cards are just so much more creative, thoughtful and welcome than premade, store-bought ones. Not only are they unique, they contain a piece of the creator as well. If you have never made your own cards before, a baby shower offers you the perfect opportunity to try your hand.


diy baby shower invitations


diy baby shower invitations


diy baby shower invitations


There are so many great ideas for DIY baby shower invitations that you will certainly be able to find one that works for you (or the mother), the shower’s theme, and your artistic ability.

If you are not very handy with a pair of scissors and a bottle of glue, do not worry. You can still make beautiful, thoughtful, and personal invitations using templates. The key is to dress them up a little. For instance, you can print out a gorgeous flower or baby-themed invitation with the shower information.

Affix this to a piece of cardstock in a complementing color. Place a ribbon about an inch to an inch and a half from the bottom right corner at an angle. Wrap this just like a gift, crisscrossing it in the back and coming around to the front of the upper left corner. There should be enough ribbon left over for a bow. Dab a small spot of glue to the paper where the bow will lie. Using this to hold the ribbon in place, tie a neat bow and trim the ends. You have just turned a template into something personal and lovely. You can find such templates at any number of sites online.

If the thought of tying and gluing is causing you enough stress, try e-vites. This is a wonderful way to invite friends and family to a shower, and other guests like it because they can see who else is invited and who is attending. It is easier for the person in charge of the shower to keep track of attendees for larger showers, and it is convenient and quick for people to RSVP. Besides being quick and saving money, this is also a great way to reduce waste, save paper, and green up your act a bit.

If you and your girlfriends have some time, try making an adorable baby carriage card. You will need textured paper, cardstock, thin gauge wire (such as might be used in jewelry making), and little embellishments, like teddy bears, buttons, or small safety pins. To make the carriage, simply trace and cut a circle and cut away one quarter of it. Use the wire to make the handle and wheels for the carriage and glue everything firmly onto your cardstock. You can then add your embellishments in you like. This is a great, tactile invitation that is sure to be appreciated and admired.

A reusable invitation may be perfect for your mother-to-be. Instead of using paper, purchase plain or solid colored bibs. Print the baby shower information on these using fabric pens. Add some decorative touches if you like. Flowers are easy and bright. Ask your guests to bring their invitations with them to gift to the mother. Every new mother will need bibs, and these are keepsakes from her shower as well.

There are so many things you can do to make cute, and easy, DIY baby shower invitations. If you are creative, go to a craft store, get some supplies, and make a night of it with friends. Make or print templates, such as rattles, cakes, ducks, teddy bears, or strollers, and cut cardstock to these shapes. Adorn with bits of ribbon, stickers, and raised scrapbooking stickers. If you want to make them trendy, incorporate hot theme colors, such as chocolate and pink. You could also incorporate the shower’s theme or the mother’s preferences into the invitations. In any case, have fun, and you will be amazed at what you can create.

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