Frog Baby Shower Theme

If you’re going for a baby shower theme that is usually associated to baby showers, but not necessarily typical, then we say go for a Frog Baby Shower Theme.
Here are some reasons why we are excited about this theme:

  • It’s cute!
  • We have great froggy invitation ideas.
  • We could think of frog-related, untypical, and fun baby shower games/activities
  • Real cute and useful froggy favors.
  • Finding the right supplies will not be difficult.

Do you agree that the above reasons are important? Then great, I think we are on the same page. We just need to agree that what we consider as great are really fantastic as far as you’re concern.


frog baby shower theme


frog baby shower theme


frog baby shower theme


frog baby shower theme


frog baby shower theme



You could send some letter cut outs hanging from a string in clothesline fashion. The letter cut outs should spell frog or froggy, whatever you prefer. Make sure your party details are specified at the back of your cut outs.

Another great invitation idea is to give a chocolate cookie, any shape will do. Just make sure you icing a cute frog right on top of it, so as to complete the picture you are aiming for. Just place 5-10 “frog cookies” in a bag, and voila, you have completed one invitation. Just don’t forget to tie a note that states all your party details, or else, it will just be a gift, instead of a gift ala invitation.


Games and Activities

We love the idea of playing Finding Frog Princes. The idea of the game is to pop a lot of balloons, wherein some balloons contain a picture of a frog (a frog prince), while the other balloons contains pictures of other baby-related stuff (eg. Picture of a baby, feeding bottle, etc). The person/team who finds the most frog princes, wins the game.

Another game idea is a rendition of the popular game Pin the tail on the donkey. However, instead of a donkey, you will have a drawing of a frog, and instead of a tail, what you will have is a pacifier, which each of your guest will pin on the frog’s mouth. Everybody should be blindfolded when they play this game, of course.


Favor Ideas

We are great fans of favors/gifts that your guests will really find useful, and at the same, not too expensive.

Any bathing article (it should come in green or brown) are highly recommended as gifts/favors for your guests. That should be general enough to give you lots of gift options for your friends.

If you are one of those people who prefer giving something edible, then we highly recommend giving your guests any chocolate cakes and pastries (it’s the color of mud, but luckily, way tastier). That should satisfy most of your guests, since who could hate chocolate? If you hate the sugar, you could also give sugar-free versions, since its color won’t change, and will still be the perfect frog shower favor.

If you’ve been nodding your head while you were reading, then we think you should go for it, and throw a froggy shower. Take note that you shouldn’t be limited to the above ideas. We know that you have sufficient amount of creativeness in you, it just needs to be triggered properly, and what better time than this, when you’re about to host a shower for mom-to-be?!

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