Giraffe Themed Baby Shower

What could be cuter than a giraffe themed baby shower? The lovable creature is so gentle and pretty that it naturally lends itself to a baby-friendly party.

Start with your invitations. You can find cute giraffe cartoony characters in clip art online to make your own invitations. Or you can cut out a giraffe shape from a template and glue giraffe themed paper onto it. Write your invitation details on the back. You might choose to send a bendable giraffe toy to each guest with the invitation on a card that is tied around its neck. Too cute!


Giraffe Themed Baby Shower


Giraffe Themed Baby Shower


Giraffe Themed Baby Shower


Giraffe Themed Baby Shower


Ask guests to come in brown, yellow and white clothes. If they have any giraffe-themed clothing, they can wear that, too. Spotted attire works well also. The more the theme can be carried through every detail, the better!

Once you’ve sent your invites out, make up an outfit for the new mom to be. It can be as simple as a cute baseball hat that has a giraffe applique on it. Or you can go all out and make her giraffe ears and horns out of felt or other materials. See what you can find online. You may even find a full giraffe head hat which would be adorable.

Now turn to the decor. You have it easy with the giraffe theme right now as prints like giraffe, leopard, and zebra are all really very fashionable and trendy. You’ll have no trouble finding a giraffe print at a fabric store to use as a table cloth. Or do a mix of giraffe and other jungle animals. Use the giraffe print for the table cloth and zebra or tiger for napkin accents.

You can easily find giraffe candles to use on a cake. You can also find many stuffed giraffes to scatter around the room. If the mom to be collects giraffes, as many women do, ask each guest to bring something giraffe-themed for her to place in her home or the nursery. Giraffe banks or wall art are great ideas.

You really can’t go overboard with the giraffe baby shower theme. Have a giant stuffed giraffe at the ready for where the guest of honor will sit and open gifts. Wrap everything in giraffe print wrapping paper.

Giraffe-shaped soaps are always a really cute idea as are lip balms with giraffe stickers on them. You can order a number of giraffe themed baby shower items online including plates, cups, placemats, candles, and more.

Add streamers and balloons in yellow, white, or brown. Giraffes come in many colors, so mix it up to give it flair. You will find that the giraffe theme lends itself to fun games. You can have guests match up animal moms with their babies. Write out a sheet ahead of time and copy it listing animals and a scrambled list of baby names. For instance, a kangaroo and in the other column, but scrambled, a joey. (A kangaroo’s baby is called a joey.) Guests will start giggling as they try to match animals with their young and find they have no idea what they’re called.

Go all out with the cute and whimsical giraffe baby shower theme. It couldn’t be more suited to a kind and gentle mother who’s about to give birth. Oh, and for an added touch, play safari music or nature movies in the background.

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