Handmade Baby Shower Invitations – Pros and Cons

Handmade Baby Shower Invitations, Traditional and Modern

For current baby showers, parents can pick to take a classic or modern approach with their baby shower invitations, depending on the theme and message they want to portray through celebrating their baby’s birth.

Most times parents choose paper invitations solely because it seems like a ritual throughout their family. Many would consider them on par with weddings and engagements. As a result people like to make custom baby shower invitations to send. Even though custom making these traditional invitations take more time than a simple e-vite a lot of parents think it is worth it for this special occasion.


handmade baby shower invitations


handmade baby shower invitations


handmade baby shower invitations


handmade baby shower invitations


handmade baby shower invitations

Baby shower invites in paper format really allows for a lot of customization and personalization. With paper invites, a whole variety of designs can be selected to create the theme of the event. As many people are aware pink and blue are used to show the sex of the baby, however that does not mean you cannot use other colors. Green, red, purple and yellows are all still great colors to use. There is also the additional perk of adding small gifts with the invitation, such as photos or stickers, to give it that extra touch.

But paper baby shower invitations can admittedly run a high cost, not to mention waste once the event is over. To that end, people have turned to e-vites, or electronic invitations, that allow the shower organizer to send invitations online. Since people rely so heavily on digital planning an e-vite would keep the attendee better reminded. E-vites have many advantages like being love in cost and do not require postage or envelopes. A disadvantage may be having to procure all the e-mail addresses and risking the fact that some people may overlook them in their inboxes on accident. Knowing this, many hosts have opted to do both, but on a smaller scale: they will send an e-vite as the primary form of the invite, but then send a small card in the mail to encourage people to look in their inboxes. This way, nothing gets missed and costs remain low.


So now you can choose whether you want to take a traditional approach with a paper or handmade baby shower invitations or if you want to go with an e-vite. Or if you want to take the advice in this article and use both that is a great option as well.

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