Tips And Ideas On How To Make Baby Shower Invitations

If you are planning to throw a baby shower to an expectant friend, you have to consider a lot of things. Before anything else, you need to create a guest list so that you will know how big the party is going to be and how much to spend. Perhaps the most important part to start the plan is by informing the friends and loved ones of the mom-to-be about the shower. Once you have chosen a date, location and theme, you can then choose invitations and start sending them out.

Decide whether you will buy the baby shower invitations or make them at home. Many people these days are into DIY ideas and if you are one of these individuals, chances are you will think of creating your own version of invitations. Making such items doesn’t need to be too expensive for they can just be made at home by anyone. Probably the only requirements is for you to be creative and imaginative to make the invites look presentable and attractive.

How To Make Baby Shower Invitations


How To Make Baby Shower Invitations


How To Make Baby Shower Invitations


How To Make Baby Shower Invitations

When planning to make baby shower invitations, here are some tips and ideas you can follow:

1. Before you make the invitations, it is nice to think of a specific theme that would be best for the entire occasion. Having a theme adds uniqueness to the details of the shower. When you choose a theme, you have to consider the personality of the mom-to-be. It is her party anyway, so what better way to plan it than to make sure that everything is simply just about her. Additionally, bringing the theme onto the invites will give impression to the guests, giving them a bit of hint about the baby shower.

2. Having a perfect theme in mind helps you design the invites simple and straightforward. However, as you go along with the designing phase, remember to keep it simple and neat. Yes, creativity is a plus, but it doesn’t mean you have to go overboard and exaggerate everything.

3. You may like to include some party ideas to the details of the invites, for example the games you plan for everyone to play. This is something that will give thrill and excitement to the expected visitors as they read the special card sent to them. While you may want to include such wonderful ideas, but you have to give more emphasis to venue, date and time of shower to avoid confusion. You may also want to include a contact info so that they can have someone to contact to if ever they have some clarifications and questions about the event.

4. There are lots of free templates that you can find on your computer. Pick the best template you want and then just make a few decorations that match the theme of the shower. Look for the right stationery, maybe a colored one and/or ribbon. Make sure to have a test print first so to make sure that what you see on your computer is what you get when you start the printing phase. This will avoid you from wasting lots of paper and printer ink.

Making baby shower invitations is actually pretty easy. It is one way to have fun while in the middle of planning the whole event. Aside from the invites, you may also like to make homemade baby shower favors and baby shower decorations such as a diaper cake and a hanging d├ęcor that are definitely very easy to make.

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