Ladybug Baby Shower Invitation and Theme

Who doesn’t love ladybugs? Bright red with glossy black spots, these tiny creatures are beloved by gardeners for their prowess in pollinating flowers and defending plants against the ravages of aphids. Outside the garden, ladybugs are revered as everything from symbols of luck to foretellers of romance. In Ireland, ladybugs are seen as a symbol of protection and strength – quite a lot for the tiny insect! The Romany of Eastern Europe view them as bringers of good fortune, and an old wives’ tale claims the number of spots on a ladybug’s wings foretells the number of children you will have.


Ladybug Baby Shower Invitation


Ladybug Baby Shower Invitation
So, what better theme for a baby shower than the beloved ladybug? A ladybug shower is easy to throw, and you will find this tiny garden muse lends itself perfectly to any celebration.

Baby Shower Invitations and Other Stationery

A multitude of ladybug baby shower invitations can be found online, and you’ll want to maintain the look and feel of your ladybug shower with matching thank you cards (which make a great small gift for the mom-to-be) and return address labels. But think about your party favors also! Soy candle tins topped with ladybug stickers are both cute and practical, but you can also find ladybug-themed candy bar wrappers and personalized labels to place on bags of red and black jellybeans.
Baby Shower Luncheon Ideas

With a ladybug baby shower, your colors are built in; red and black napkins, plates and utensils are perfect for a luncheon, and you can easily continue the ladybug theme throughout your shower meal. Salads are an obvious choice (ladybugs love to live amongst the leaves, after all), but consider also a fruit salad of raspberries and blueberries – a Ladybug Fruit Salad. Red and black-spotted cupcakes are an ideal dessert as well. For drinks, a red fruit punch with frozen blueberries or, for the adults, a red wine sangria filled with dark red grapes.
Other Ideas For Your Ladybug Shower

Fun baby shower games are a must, and you can include Mrs. Ladybug in each of them. A Ladybug or Garden Trivia Game will get everyone involved, and you can award ladybug stickers for each correct answer. If guests will be bringing children, put up a ladybug version of an old favorite: Pin the Spot on the Ladybug. You can also present your littlest baby shower guests with red and black sparkle ladybug antennae to wear throughout the party. For gifts, give a baby shower standard a ladybug twist with a Ladybug Diaper Cake.

Whether you love them as symbols of good fortune, for their usefulness in the garden, or just for their cuteness, ladybugs make a great theme for every type of baby shower – boy, girl, twins or triplets, inside luncheon or garden party.

The author welcomes ladybugs to her garden in Medford, OR, where she resides with her husband, dog, cats and chickens. She is the head copywriter for Candles & Favors, a leading online retailer of all you need to throw a successful baby shower: invitations, thank you cards, personalized labels, soy candle tins and other party favors.

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