Making Your Own Trendy Baby Shower Invitations

There are many ways of making creative and colourful baby shower invitations. You can choose to make ones with small homemade crafts or you can use computer software. Photoshop is a good program for making well-designed baby shower invitations. To maximize Photoshop, you should know what kind of graphics and elements you want to include in your invite. Although you need to have a basic understanding, you do not need to be an expert to make creative ones.


baby shower invitation


baby shower invitation


baby shower invitation


To get started with your baby shower invitation card, create a new file. You can do this by navigating in the toolbar to “File” and “New”. Your file should have accurate specifications to make sure they can be duplicated. This also ensures you can place at least four duplications on each page for printing. This can result to a high-quality baby shower invite.

Turn on the rulers to the page. This can help you make sure all the elements on the page are aligned properly. You can turn on the rulers by going to the toolbar and navigating to “View” and “Show rulers”.

Before making a baby shower invitation, make sure you create a guide. You can create a guide by clicking and holding on the ruler and dragging down or over on to the page. Position the guides where text and images will start and end.

You can place images and text. Come up with a witty title or catchphrase. Research on what kind of theme your invite will carry. Make sure the colours do not clash with one another. To place a good title for your baby shower invite, click on the text box tool in the toolbar on the right side of the page. Move the cursor to the page and draw an outline of a rectangular box with the mouse. Type your choice of words. Place the rest of the text on the left-hand side of the page. Make as many text boxes as you need. Each text box should use a smaller font than the text included in the title.

Now, you can easily add an image. Make a picture box on the right side of the page. This begins at the same height as the text on the left sign. Go to “File” and “Place” to put an image inside the picture box. You can choose an image from a file where you have already saved a pre-chosen image.

– Select the arrow tool from the tool bar. Click and hold as you cover all of the elements on your baby shower invitation. Press Ctrl+G to gather all these individual elements into one converged image. You can then click on the image and press Ctrl+C to copy the complete image. Move the mouse to the bottom of the page and press Ctrl+V to paste it. Repeat this process to fit as many invitations on one page as you can. Afterwards you can print your invite.

If you want more baby shower invitations ideas, research on the web or look at different magazines. You can find many ideas on how to make good invitations. Better yet, you can purchase invitations from online invite makers. This can save you time from making your own.

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