Throw a Baby Duck Themed Baby Shower

Looking for an adorable new idea for a themed baby shower? Want a gender-neutral theme that works for both boys and girls? Problem solved. Throw a Baby Duck themed baby shower! The mother-to-be will be thrilled with the cute, sunny yellow birds, while the guests will enjoy the original fun and games–not to mention food! The planning and preparation is easy, just follow the guide below. Use all the ideas, or pick and choose accordingly. From invitations to favors, we’ve got you covered!


rubber duck baby shower


rubber duck baby shower


rubber duck baby shower



Invitations shouldn’t be difficult to find. Look at your local party store, online, or, if you’re creatively inclined, simply cut your own shapes from yellow paper or poster board. Trace around a cookie cutter for a template. Adorn the invite with a pink, blue, or green ribbon, if you wish, for a finishing touch. Write the pertinent party info (who the shower is for, when, where, date to respond by, and registry information, if pertinent). Address and send, and step one is done!



Scout party stores or online to find cheap theme-related items to decorate the party room, such as banners, balloons, streamers, centerpieces, confetti, paper-plates, napkins, and tablecloths.



The key is incorporating a few well-chosen items that will round out the theme perfectly, such as yellow duck shaped sugar cookies, yellow cheese and “quackers” (crackers), and a cake. Use cookie cutters to cut out the center of bread slices in bird shapes; top with a yellow-tinted cream cheese spread. Since the cake is the highlight, and often saved for last, bake and decorate one in the shape of a duck. Or, for a truly simple yet stunning cake, ice the top of the cake with blue frosting to resemble a pond, and place some little rubber duckies or candles on top.



Let the fun begin! Your guests are sure to enjoy these original baby shower games. As each guest arrives, begin the fun immediately by having her guess the number of candy ducks (or yellow jelly beans, etc.) in a jar (plain or decorated). Record the guest’s name and guess on a sheet of paper. Reveal the winner at the end of the shower. That person wins the candy, of course!

Rubber Duck Pond
Fill a large bowl (or two or three, as needed) with water. Buy as many little rubber ducks as there are guests. Write a different number, with a permanent marker, on the bottom of each bird and float them in the bowl(s). The mother-to-be should have a duck at her side with a number on the bottom that matches only one of the ones in the pond. Whoever has a birthday closest to the baby’s due date gets to pick a bird from the pond first. Whoever’s birthday is next closest, chooses next, and so on. When all the birds are chosen, the mother-to-be turns over hers and reveals the winning number on the bottom. The person who has the matching number wins!

Duck, Duck, Baby!
Note: You will need a stop-watch for this game.
In this revised version of Duck, Duck, Goose, the mother-to-be holds a baby doll, diaper, and outfit, is blindfolded, led into the middle of a circle, spun around, and led from person to person while she says, “duck, duck” for as long as she wants. When she finally says “baby,” she hands over the baby, diaper, and outfit to the closest guest, who must then diaper and dress the baby quickly while being timed. The blindfolded mother-to-be does the “duck, duck, baby” routine this one or two more times, and whoever has the fastest diapering/dressing time wins!

Pin-The-Tail (or Diaper)-On-The-Baby-Duck
This revised version of Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Donkey is so much cuter! You will need a large picture or cutout of a baby d. Hang it on a wall. Blindfold the each guest, spin her around, arm her with a tail or diaper (with tape on the back so it will stick), aim her at the picture, and let her stick the tail or diaper where she will. Repeat this till each guest gets a turn. The closest to the correct mark wins!

Duck Presents Equal Candy!
This game will keep everyone’s attention while the mother-to-be opens gifts. Every time a gift is opened that has a baby duck on it, whoever spots it and calls it out first gets a candy bar. (Be sure to provide some gifts that have baby birds on them in case there are no other such gifts.)


Prizes and Favors:

Of course, that brings us to prizes and favors. Don’ let your guests go home empty-handed. If you played Rubber Duck Pond, let each guest keep her bird. If not, how about letting winners have the centerpieces, which make cute keepsake prizes. Other ideas include themed sugar cookies, candy, soap, pens, pencils, or some other cute novelty.

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